The SoLoMo Manifesto, Digital Edition Release

We’re excited to announce the digital release of our new whitepaper.

The SoLoMo Manifesto or Just About Everything Marketers Need to Know about the Convergence of Social, Local, and Mobile is now available for free download. Previously available exclusively in print, the digital edition has been updated to include the latest developments in the SoLoMo marketing space and optimized for digital consumption. We’ve also added Twitter and Facebook buttons throughout the whitepaper to make sharing content simple and easy. The SoLoMo Manifesto can be downloaded for free here.

“This is mandatory reading for marketers, developers, and investors who are interested in the SoLoMo space. I think we’ll look back on The SoLoMo Manifesto as a reference for where social, local, and mobile stood at the start of 2012.”

–Mark Evans, Creator of the Geo-Loco and Social-Loco conferences

We have no doubt that 2012 will be the year of SoLoMo. The platforms and trends outlined in this whitepaper are already reinventing the way brands connect with customers. We hope that you find this content to be helpful and informative as you navigate this exciting and rapidly evolving channel.

Download The SoLoMo Manifesto today.