Graph Search Optimization

Solving the Universal Venue Problem

Every brand with multiple locations has the same problems on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. These include inaccuracies, inconsistencies, fragmentation, and duplication – all of which undermine search, discovery, customer engagement, and overall performance within these networks.

MomentFeed’s proprietary PinSync process and Graph Search Optimization resolves each of these issues and centralizes a brand’s core location data on the MomentFeed platform.

The PinSync Solution

The PinSync process resolves each of the above issues and provides value in several different ways. By centralizing and optimizing a brand’s location data with MomentFeed, it becomes much more than a database of addresses. The result is a valuable and dynamic brand asset that can be leveraged in many ways.

First, we synchronize this data with Facebook and Foursquare to resolve each of the above issues. The immediate result is a consistent and frictionless brand experience for consumers, which has proven to increase engagement at the point of sale by 50% to 70%.

Secondly, your location data is optimized for any mobile application that is built on the Facebook and Foursquare place databases including Instagram, Foodspotting, LocalMind, Viddy, and more.

Next, we create unique Twitter venues for each location on MomentFeed. These are characterized by custom venue boundaries around each location. The venue area is centered on its geocode, which is accurately positioned at the point of sale; the size of the venue is determined by the physical footprint of the business as well as individual preference. MomentFeed then monitors for all geo-tagged tweets within each venue boundary, complete with custom filters for relevance. With Twitter and other solutions, you can follow people and keywords. For the first time, PinSync enables you to follow places at a highly granular level via MomentFeed.

Finally, your locations are managed on a go-forward basis via PinSync. As new locations open, old ones close, and global changes are required, it’s a single update to MomentFeed. Each new location is optimized and synchronized in a single step, and changes are pushed to all locations across all networks.

To see the results of PinSync and Graph Search Optimization, see our Cinnabon Case Study.