Brands are connecting with consumers at the
local level through the MomentFeed platform,
maximizing each customer moment


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CASE STUDY: The Coffee Bean

A Year of Social-Local Success at a 5.6X Return on Investment

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been using MomentFeed
for more than 12 months and continues to see increases across a number of key performance indicators.

After initially setting up and optimizing their local pages
through PinSync, the specialty coffee and tea retailer
started sharing authentic, locally relevant content and
engaging directly with their customers through LocalVoice.

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CASE STUDY: Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse Increases Customer Engagement at the Local Level

National restaurant chain experiences the value of publishing content to local Facebook Place pages where engagement
is 71 percent higher than on the brand page over a
three-month period.

Texas Roadhouse leveraged the MomentFeed platform to curate and publish customer-generated content like photos from their restaurants to the corresponding local Facebook Place pages as well as engage with their customers through simple and efficient social-local CRM tools from MomentFeed.

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CASE STUDY: Barney's Beanery

Instagram & Foursquare Photo Contest Boosts Customer Engagement for Barney’s Beanery

Restaurant chain sees 66 percent increase in photos taken
and tagged to their locations relative to Facebook and
Foursquare check-ins.

Barney’s Beanery ran a photo contest and used
MomentFeed to measure the effectiveness of the promotion
as well as to share the best photos to their corresponding Facebook place pages through the contest and beyond.

The number of photos as a percentage of check-ins increased by 66 percent.

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CASE STUDY: Cinnabon

Cinnabon Increases Customer Engagement at the Point of Sale by Almost 700 Percent

Venue optimization through PinSync by MomentFeed and a charitable check-in campaign boost customer engagement
at the point of sale via Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.

Cinnabon came to MomentFeed with the objective of increasing long-term customer engagement at the point of
sale at minimum cost. Over an eight-month period, customer engagement increased by 671 percent across Cinnabon’s 400+ U.S. locations by leveraging the MomentFeed platform.


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